Humble Indie Bundle #3 is a gift that keeps on giving!

So the guys from the Humble Indie Bundle are giving out yet another extra to their repertoire of indie games. This time around it’s a strategy/tower defense game called Atom Zombie Smasher! As previous extras, this one will be available to all Humble Indie Bundle buyers as a DRM-free version and a Steam/Desura version.

I’m assuming that you’ve already bought the Humble Indie Bundle… but if you’re insane and haven’t done so yet, go buy it now!

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Humble Indie Bundle 3: Now with more Bundle!

So it seems the guys from the Humble Indie Bundle are not done with the extras yet! And this time they bring us a bundle within a bundle. That’s right, kids! If you already bought the Humble Indie Bundle 3 you get a FREE complimentary Humble Indie Bundle 2! It even comes with Steam/Desura keys included!

What about the crazy people that haven’t bought their bundle yet? No worries! If you buy it now for more than the average price, you get the Humble Indie Bundle 2 too!

Not convinced yet? Add the bundles up: Humble Indie Bundle 3 (5 6 games) + Humble Indie Bundle 2 (5 games) = 10 11 awesome indie games for cheap! That’s completely insane! Those games would cost over $100 if purchased separately! (Hint: go the extra mile for the charities and don’t stop at the average price + 1 cent)

Are you still reading? Act fast, because the Humble Indie Bundle 3 ends in 6 days! (And if you buy it now, you’ll probably get the next extras they dish out)

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Review: The new Facebook chat layout and Skype integration

Have you ever liked a Facebook layout change/new feature? Most people dislike changes to Facebook’s layout because they become accustomed to the previous layout that it drives them mad having to learn how the new layout/feature works. Now in this post I’ll go over two recent changes to Facebook: one is a useful/desired feature, and the other, not so much. Read more

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Steel Storm: Free Extra Game for the Humble Indie Bundle #3!

This just in! As part of the extras promised by Humble Indie Bundle’s organizer Jeffrey Rosen, and covered in Friday’s post, all current and future Humble Indie Bundle purchasers get a FREE copy of Steel Storm!

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Sunday Night Sillies: A Matter of Perspective

Good evening fellow onablers!

As usual, I present you with this week’s best sillies (Sunday Night edition!) so you can go to sleep with a laugh and a smile on your face!

This week’s comics touch subjects like the fake Apple store in China covered in a fellow onabler’s blog. Don’t know about it? Go ahead and have a read before you delight yourselves in the endorphin-releasing, visual stimuli I bring you.

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